Hello, my name is Jose Cruz, owner and manager of Expres To Go 123. For many years I have been an entrepreneur of different companies and we have achieved great things in order to help our clients. We are a family that always think to evolve in the world of fashion. My daughter Natalia told me daddy because you create an online store with our brand and that it is something spectacular and that people feel confident in being able to make safe purchases from their homes. In 2018, Expres To Go 123 was created and we began to sell products from home and sending them to different locations, and in 2019 our Online Store was created in which web began to promote our high-quality products. Since 2019, Expres To Go 123 has been committed to its clients to establish low prices in order to help them with the pandemic that is affecting the world. Our commitment is to bring your products to your home without having to physically visit a store.