• No longer just a dated basketball shoe, the Dunk SB High offers high-top ankle support for skaters rolling with Nike SB. Decorating Dunks with unique color schemes was never a challenge, but its inclusion in skate culture opened the silhouette up to new materials, including tweed, 3M, and denim. The Dunk SB High transcends cultures and has had creative themes, such as 4/20, and has honored icons from De La Soul to the Hulk.

Nike SB Blazer Mid Khaki White kids Skateboarding Shoes

SKU: NIKE021441
$136.78 Regular Price
$79.95Sale Price
Shoe Size

    11C/ Euro 28/ 17.0cm

    12C/ Euro 29/ 17.5cm

    12.5C/ Euro 30/ 18.5cm

    13C/ Euro 31/ 19.0cm

    1Y/ Euro 32/ 19.5cm

    1.5Y/ Euro 33/ 20.5cm

    2.5Y/ Euro 34/ 21.5cm3

    Y/ Euro 35/ 22.0cm


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